Small Hexagons come in bags that weigh approximately 4 oz total

Medium Hexagons come in packs of 3 that weigh approximately 2.3 - 2.5 oz total

Large Hexagons weigh approximately 3.2 - 3.4 oz  

Extra Large Hexagons weigh approximately 4.0 oz - 4.4 oz

Whipped Wax comes in a plastic jar that is approximately 4 oz total




What kind of wax do you use? 

A premium blend of soy and parasoy wax

We found that a blend of approx. 85% soy and 15% parasoy has the absolute best possible scent throw after a small aging period -  and the throw continues to get stronger with age 

How long do you age your wax? 

A minimum of 2 weeks before shipping to ensure max scent throw 

What type of bags do you use?


Do you include free samples?

Always!! We try to match your scent preferences with your samples ;)
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